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Got Questions? Ask Away!


Where does the coaching take place?

Most coaching sessions take place online, on the Zoom platform. All programs and prices listed to work with Gary are based on online sessions however Gary does travel internationally to work with clients in person. This is on a request basis so please get in touch if this is preferred. 


Are sessions recorded?

Gary suggests recording sessions as they are a valuable resource to review the session and take notes. This allows you to stay present on the call and make the most out of your time with Gary. If you do not wish to have the calls recorded this is not an issue as it is completely optional.


How long are the 1-2-1 sessions?

Calls last up to 1.5 hrs.


Are WhatsApp messages included?

It depends on the program you select. Exclusive access to Gary via WhatsApp is included in some of his higher level programs. There is a maximum of five messages lasting no longer than two minutes included daily and Gary promises to reply within 48 hours of your last message. Having Gary in your pocket and by your side to help guide you through your transformation is an incredible tool. Results are usually sped up due to the constant support.


Is the coaching confidential?

Yes, 100%. When receiving coaching from Gary, all information stays between you and him.


What type of coaching do you do?

Gary doesn’t subscribe to any one traditional coaching method. Shaped by his 10+ years of experience in the personal development industry, Gary has created his own hybrid. This is inspired by the world leading trainers and coaches he has worked with, and is a synthesis of what he believes to be the most powerful methodology to making true permanent change.


How long will it take to make a transformation?

A highly unsatisfactory answer, but it depends. Everybody is at different stages in their evolution and everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. If you are unsure of which program is best for you, request a discovery call and Gary will be able to guide you.


Are payment plans available?

Yes, Gary understands that working with him on a 1-2-1 basis is sometimes only achievable by spreading out the payments. For every programme, an up-front fee is required to safeguard both Gary and his time commitment . This is a win-win as the financial commitment also serves to inspire a greater commitment from the client.


Is Gary open to podcast invitations?

Yes, feel free to get in touch via the enquiry form and we can see if your podcast is a good match.


Is Gary open to collaborations?

100%, Gary often teams up with friends and respected colleagues in the health and wellbeing space. He often is brought in to speak or co-facilitate at retreats and events. If you have an event you think could be a team fit please get in touch via the enquiry form.


Thanks for subscribing!

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