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Gary Waters is a high performance mindset coach based in South West England. He specialises in revealing and dissolving the hidden, limiting determinants of human behaviour. 


Gary works with entrepreneurs, athletes, businesses, busy parents and everyone in between. As an expert in human behaviour, Gary shares insights into a completely different way of thinking that leads to a life changing shift in perspective. This has a transformational effect on all aspects of life, including personal fulfilment, improved mental and physical health, increased levels of performance and business success. By going straight to the root of limiting beliefs, Gary helps his clients to dissolve them permanently.


"Change can sometimes feel almost impossible to implement in our lives, and I have felt the exact same way. It was only when I completely burnt out and broke down, that I finally became open and willing to try something else.

This may sound strange, but hitting rock bottom was the best thing that ever happened to me, as it finally made me look deeper. My life turned around after working with some incredible coaches and world-class mentors. Through their guidance and by opening my mind to a different perspective, my life was transformed.”


Gary knows transformation is possible because of the powerful shifts that have come about in his own life, and the lives of his clients. There is nothing that brings him more joy than sharing what he has learnt and seeing others make profound life-changing transformations.


Outside of coaching, Gary loves spending his time with his fiancée Rebecca, his family and his friends. Gary is passionate about all aspects of health and well-being. His favourite activities include working out, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, golf, hiking and cycling. 



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